The Best Business Relationships are built on Good Communication #Sempre

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Words & Gestures is a new & innovative company offering Unique, Compelling, Results Biased Personal Development solutions all around the topic of Business Communication and specifically Public Speaking. It is a fact that:

"The Best Business Relationships are built on Good Communication".

We are not your typical Personal Development provider in the sense that we do not offer Training Courses, Advice or Consulting. What we offer is our own unique framework of "Transformative" solutions around an individuals Persona. These solutions come in the form of our awesome 1-2-4 Public Speaking Workshops, amazing 1-2-1 Coaching and fantastic Event Support. What we mean by "Transformative" is making a positively marked change in an individual with real benefits to them as a person that they can use professionally in all scenarios within the business environment.

We achieve this for our clients by providing a Fun, Innovative, Interactive & memorable learning experience. All content is ‍delegate 'Persona' specific e.g. bespoke & customised for the delegate, client & their intended audience. From many years of experience we know this customised approach delivers real results for the individual and makes any organisation stand out against their competitors. The net result is positive value to the business and therefore to the businesses bottom line.

Words & Gestures was founded by Richard Kerry who worked for many years as a Professional Public Speaker. Richard started his Public Speaking journey at Microsoft as a 'Technologist' in the 1990's and travelled Internationally speaking and demoing at many events. He was a regular Keynote Speaker on the IT Trade Show circuit & spoke at many Conferences, Seminars, Banquets, Road Shows and Press Conferences for & on behalf of Corporates as well as Start-up organisations.

Richard still loves and is motivated by Public Speaking and Events, he finds it an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. With a passion for Public Speaking and Business Communication Richard decided to setup a business that would coach people the skills he learnt on his travels, using many of the tools, techniques and tips Richard learnt from his extensive Professional Training as well as the experience gained on his feet in front of audiences.

Our Gold Standard Methodology is tried and trusted throughout the Public Speaking world and has helped our clients develop fantastic Public Speaking skills and supported them managing their events more effectively. We have a small focused team of Executive level seasoned Business Professional Coaches who are at the top of their game, these individuals have many years of experience presenting at many different types of events.


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