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The Challenge of Public Speaking

Lots of people get nervous speaking in public, for many the thought of being in front of an audience can instil fear and take a person outside of their comfort zone.

Are you concerned about managing the tone and speed of your voice, keeping your messaging on track, managing your body language and event time keeping? Do you worry about awkward moments, your mind going blank, difficult pauses during your speech, the dreaded Q&A or serial hecklers?

When you stand up and speak are you sure you can get your message across and achieve the result you want with prospects, clients or partners? Can you organise, run, promote and market an event to meet your business objectives, what about Call-2-Actions? Do you know what 'Glossophobia' is?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar and you recognise these challenges within your business or personal life and you need to be able to deal with these interactions then we can help with our amazing portfolio of solutions.

Manage your Comfort Zone

These are all common questions and concerns about Public Speaking. According to a Statistics Brain Survey 74% of people surveyed suffer from speech anxiety. 'Glossophobia' is the term used to describe speech anxiety which is the fear of Public Speaking or of speaking in general, this fear unfortunately is very common.

Standing up in front of any audience is not a natural skill for most people but it can be taught with the correct approach. With our Public Speaking Workshops, Coaching and Event Support solutions we can help individuals with these challenges, we can even make giving a speech a fun and enjoyable experience for a person, yes really!

Understand, Embrace and Deliver Awesome Presentations

Working with our coaches you will understand your own audience anxiety and self management. We will explain how to structure your presentation, story telling & scripts, how to be organised and discover the secrets of speech, timing, gestures and learn how to deal with and manage difficult situations and interactions.

During these sessions you will gain confidence in yourself, understand how to be madly professional, compelling, composed, expressive and develop your own natural style. Above all you will come away with having the gravitas to get your message across to any audience. We are the only company that deliver a Transformative Interactive Persona based services. What this is means is that we deliver is based on an individuals persona unlike a training course.


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""A brilliant workshop for people who find public speaking complex and daunting. The content and methodologies were concise, insightful and engaging. We all found the interactive sessions put context into what we were learning. Highly recommended."‍‍‍."

Ms H, Managing Director


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