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Public Speaking Coaching

For many Business Professionals time is a commodity which is often in short supply no matter how good a person's time management skills are, for some it is quite likely that they simply do not have time to attend a one of our full one day Public Speaking Workshops.

Like our Workshop Methodology our Coaching Philosophy is not the same as a typical training course session, for example training courses typically take a information centric delivery approach e.g. its one way and more of a Knowldege Transfer exercise. Our Coaching works differently, and thats deliberate. When we Coach we work with an individual to understand, explore and find solutions together which meet a persons key needs now and in the future.


This service is typically delivered at a clients premises as a 2 hour activity, this does however depend on the individual needs and what the persons core motivations and objectives are. Although Coaching not as comprehensive as the Public Speaking Workshop we believe this is a effective and convenient package for the busy Business Professional, it offers real value and minimises the amount of time spent away from a persons desk or their day-to-day duties.

Much in the same way as our Workshops the Coaching is delivered by addressing the key issues/barriers that are encountered by the individual, spending time on the specifics that are compromising the persons presentation, whether that's dealing with nerves, speech organisation or mastering how to plan & execute awesome call-2-action outcomes. Whatever the objective we work with the person to deal with these challenges and get their desired results.

This service is a great also for seasoned speakers who don't feel the need to attend a Workshop but maybe feel a little rusty and would like an appraisal/review of their existing skills. Its also great for someone who is preparing for an important one off event or has requirements to speak at events in front of an audience in the future.

Personalised for the individual

As with all our solutions this is a personalised service, working with an individuals persona to deliver against their specific needs. One of the key benefits of our Coaching beyond just the convenience factor is that we focus on what people being coached want within this specific session, what their goal is and how they can achieve it from their existing skill-set or acting as a sounding board so that they can bounce their ideas off if they have some key ideas in mind.


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"'A huge thank you from my team and I for your wonderful public speaking coaching. Having the course tailored to our own needs really addressed our individual challenges."

Mrs A, Managing Director‍‍‍


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