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An organisation's success depends largely on the quality of its relationships. Running events provides a highly effective and unique way of forging, strengthening and renewing the relationships that really matter in your business.

Events provide a platform for your business to understand and identify new prospects, grow and develop new business from your existing client base and can be a very lucrative revenue identifying vehicle within your Sales tool assets.

Holding events as an industry is a massive business and therefore opportunity. Did you know that almost 70% of event organisers expect business events to increase in the next 12 months, with potentially over 1.3m company events just in the UK in 2017 alone and that represents a staggering insight into how effective events are becoming.

So the guests are invited, the stand has been built, presentations have been created and scripted, the speakers are briefed, and the caterers are booked. What can possibly go wrong? The answer is almost everything.

There are many element to consider when your running events. No matter how exciting the content of your seminar is, or presentation content and how professional your speakers are unless you plan meticulously with structure, organisational synergy and support the event may not go well. A badly run event will reflect negatively on a clients company and brand.

Getting the right Event outcome

Our Event Support service offers a range of options to ensure a client gets the right outcome from running an event, whether that's in-house, at a trade show/conference or as part of a Sales & Marketing campaign.

Having planned, run and attended hundreds of events Globally we know what works and what doesn't. Its not just about being organised or having a detailed checklist, we have the expertise required to ensure that your event is a success, creates a real impact and a lasting positive effect on your business. We know what it takes to benefit the audience and delivers on a clients key business objectives.

We can also
manage the entire event if a client wishes to outsource the entire project, and in the past have worked with some amazing Event Logistics partners.  We can provide speakers for an event using our dedicated team of coaches, alternatively we can also coach the presenters, help them with their presentation content or develop an approach to engage with the audience.

Events can be a great away to engage with people, ultimately the choice of how you manage any event activity has to be based on the core business needs e.g. the purpose of the event, what are the desired results/outcomes, follow up action plans and the use of materials within this process, lots of options to consider.


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