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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions when we get an enquiry from a prospective client, please see below some of the common questions we get asked. If you have any other questions please call us on 0845 054 2345

Q. Why choose Words & Gestures for Workshops, Coaching or Event Services?

A. As a Personal Development company we have a totally unique approach. Firstly our business background is in Sales & Marketing so we know all about being in front of an audience. We get results for our clients by providing Bespoke, Innovative & Interactive Structured memorable content, this content is ‍delegate 'Persona' specific and customised for the individual delegate, the client and their intended audience. From many years of experience we know this customised approach delivers real results for the individual and makes any organisation stand out against their competitors. The net result is positive value to the business and therefore to the businesses bottom line.

Q. What else makes Words & Gestures unique then, what is your Unique Selling Point, what extra value can you add  to my business?

A. We work with businesses so that they can gain a competitive advantage, getting their message across ensuring their business becomes the success it deserves to be. We are not your typical Personal Development provider. We do not offer Training Courses, Advice or Consulting. What we offer is a unique framework of "Transformative" solutions. These solutions come in the form of our awesome 1-2-4 Public Speaking Workshops, amazing 1-2-1 Coaching and fantastic Event Support. By "Transformative" we mean empowering a person and making a positively marked change with real results. From this we structure our services so that we can deliver outstanding results for our clients that deliver again and again.

Q. There are lots of companies providing Public Speaking training, what makes Words & Gestures different and why should we consider your company?

A. As we mentioned in the answer above we do not offer training courses. By there very nature a 'Training Course' is a Knowledge Transfer exercise e.g. the 'Trainer' is telling you what to do, we do not do this. We get to know the clients business firstly, evaluate each delegates strengths and then build our Workshop content around the individual . This is what we refer to as ‍our unique framework of "Transformative" solutions. For more details please click here to visit our 'Why W&G' web page for more details.

Q. Where do you provide your services?

A. Depends on the clients requirements. Typically on client site, or off site on classroom type premises e.g. serviced office, hotel conference room etc.

Q. I'm interested in your Workshops, Coaching and Event Support how do I find out more?

A. In the first instance click here to download our fantastic 2018 Public Speaking Workshop Brochure. If you have any further questions or would like an informal discussion ‍‍then please call us for an initial discussion on 0845 054 2345.

Q. What materials are provided with the workshops and coaching?

A. For the workshops we provide a individual & customised delegate Workshop manual, for the coaching 1-2-1 report feedback.

Q. What are the durations of the 1-2-4 Workshop or 1-2-1 Coaching?

A. Workshop is 1 day, Coaching typically 2 hours.

Q. How many people attend the Workshops and Coaching?

A. We have a maximum of 4 people per Workshop and the Coaching is 1 person

Q. What business activities can your services help us with?

A. We can help you present your ideas to other Colleagues, Customers or Partners. Whether that's a Sales Seminar, Marketing Product Launch or dealing with the Press or the Business Analyst community.

Q. What would be the key benefits of attending a Workshop or a Coaching session?

A. Enable you be effective and get the desired outcome from any communication interaction. Be articulate, confident, inspiring and promote your business in a compelling manner.

Q. How do I keep the skills that I learn active?

A. After the Workshops we provide delegates with a 'Progression Plan' for an individuals ongoing devlopment. We can also provide on going support and also offer a 1 hour refresher training typically after 6 months or a year, plus our 'Speaker Rusty' avoidance techniques.

Q. What level of person do you coach?

A. Any business professional on any level is suitable for any of our services.

Q. How do you measure the benefits of your services to individuals?

A. We review your existing skill level before and after  the Workshops and Coaching so you can see your progress. We always critique our delegates on the Workshops and provide a 'Progression Plan' for an individuals ongoing devlopment.

Q. What sort or type of company size would your Workshops, Coaching & Event Support be suitable for?

A. Any type of company that wishes to improve their overall Business Communication performance. Our background is from working with and for Global Blu-chip Corporates, Start-up/Dotcom companies as well as single person business owners. If your business wants to improve their overall results and business outcomes then we can make this a reality.


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