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We are Passionate about Business Communication and Public Speaking, that is why Words & Gestures was founded on the core principle of Good Communication and supporting a clients success.

We pride ourselves on having an exceptional track record on delivering solutions that always exceed our clients expectations, not only on what we deliver but what positive difference we can have. Making delegates happy and comfortable so they perform at the highest level is our mission, by doing this we improve the clients position and their overall performance and results.

As a company we believe its vital to understand and respect our clients views on any solutions we provide, it is essential that we fully understand our clients objectives and fine tune our solutions. In our experience if our clients feel that our business truly cares about them and what they think, they may be more likely to be loyal customers.

Partnerships are important in life and we truly listen and respect our clients opinions which is why feedback is important for delegates but also our development as a business. Because our ‍‍solutions are "Transformative" in the sense of how it benefits the individual we measure ourselves on the progress clients make using our solutions so we can understand how to evolve what we offer to create more end client value.

When we asked for feedback this is what we have received

"Thanks for all your help today. I'm already feeling more comfortable in my presentation skills with your support and insight, even the video sessions were fun!"

Mr B, Pre Sales Consultant

"Words & Gestures delivered a thought provoking and inspiring workshop for our company. We choose them after we were recommend them by one of our business partners. Our coach on the day taught us how to get the best from ourselves, and we now feel we have the skills to engage in any audience scenario. Overall I think the workshop was modest in price but tremendous in value."
Mrs P, Director

"Richard has the ability to make training courses and presentations attention-grabbing with an approach that inspires, is thought provoking and has a liberal sprinkling of humour. Great to work with and always delivers against requirements."

Mr N, Management Services

"I learned more in 1 day than I was expecting and this wll certainly help in meetings both internally and externally."

Mr S, Healthcare Manager

"I worked with Richard at Microsoft when he was a member of the Microsoft EMEA professional presenting team. He is a natural presenter and an excellent communicator who is able to deliver his message in a clear and fun way. Richard is also good on his feet and able to explain complex subjects in a way that the audience can understand. If you looking for someone who knows about presenting look no further. I would thoroughly recommend him."

Ms M, New Business & Marketing Director

"A huge thank you from my team and I for your wonderful public speaking coaching. Having the course tailored to our own needs really addressed our individual challenges e.g fear/anxiety, nervousness (plus the dreaded q&a) rather than being just another prescriptive course. We also found the workshops & quizzes fun and your 'Best Practice' tips really enlightening and useful. No more death by Powerpoint!"

Mrs A, Managing Director

"Excellent workshop, a valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a good public speaker. Richard is an excellent and truly professional coach, he made the day fun and interesting. All of my colleagues thought the days program was well thought out an easy to understand. Before the workshop I was extremely nervous about speaking in front of an audience, now I feel I have the confidence and tools to stand up and deliver my presentation. I would recommend your services to anyone."

Mr V, Managing Director

"As a team, we have been on a number of courses on public speaking over the years and this is by far the best. As sales professional's we have presented for many years, but know it is not one of our key strengths. Thank you for teaching us how to be confident, credible and organised in front of an audience. Your course has taught the team some excellent new skills, especially how to get our message across."

Mrs W, Managing Director

"Richard belongs to that rare breed of speakers; one that is knowledgable, entertaining and engaging. Richard has all three in abundance and have had the pleasure of working closely with Richard for many years."


"A brilliant workshop for people who find public speaking complex and daunting. The content and methodologies were concise, insightful and engaging. We all found the interactive sessions put context into what we were learning. Highly recommended."

Ms H, Marketing Director

"Seasoned professional with deep insight and a sense of humour - a rare find!"

Mr D, ‍‍Fast Track Engineer

"Richard has a talent for communication - public speaking, training, presenting, he does them all with a clear pride and pleasure in what he does. He makes content interesting and engaging, ensuring that his audience gets the most out of it."
Ms B, Advisor & Consultant ‍‍

"Richard was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to undertake his services."

Ms L, Marketing Specialist

"I worked alongside Richard when he worked as a Professional Public Speaker. He is an excellent presenter, very strong at delivering speeches and presentations that are interesting and informative, as well as having the ability to put context into what he is explaining. We worked at many trade shows and events together and he was always good in front of an audience delivering a speech, explaining the key messages and taking active Q&A from the audience. I would have no hesitation in recommending his skills."
Ms H, Marketing Leader

"Richard created a clear, focused concept of the product and services and gave the team the important messages that made it simple for everyone to sell the solution. This approach was even more spectacularly important when the company updated its solution and needed to get the market focus in double quick time enabling savings in time and cost. If you are looking to drive your business to the next level, Richard is one of those persons I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Mr D, Sales Consultant


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