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Why choose Words & Gestures

We believe that there are many different ways to learn new skills and many approaches each with their own merits. In our  experience we know that an taking an 'Interactive' approach makes a real difference to an individuals development.

What we offer is scenario based, hands on simulation style development techniques. This takes the form of a 'Transformative' learning experience which we know benefits a persons character, enhances and develops their skills and is also a much more natural way of learning. Because its a natural learning experience we add more value from a developmental perspective because individuals can be themselves & be 'hands-on' rather than be told what to do, how to act or what to say. In recent studies & research in Personal Development it has been established that hands-on biased development gets better results & is more beneficial as it reinforces the learning experience for real life scenarios.

We recognise that there are lots of companies providing Public Speaking services, whether that's Training Courses, Consulting, Coaching or actually delivering the speech. Words & Gestures is a different type of provider, our approach provides a unique, authentic and interactive ‍‍learning experience with bespoke client specific content. We find that this is the very best way to ensure that the Employee & client get the results they expect, on time & within budget.

So, you may be asking yourself 'What are the key benefits to our business of using Words & Gestures & Why should I consider them?' Here are a just a few things that sets Words & Gestures apart from other providers.

Real Tangible Results - Communicating with Prospects, Customer & Partners

We coach clients Employees so that they get results whenever they are communicating, whatever the setting. Every client is unique and has specific objectives & goals for their businesses growth & development. We work in partnership with the client to deliver these positive interactions. In todays competitive business world for any organisation to truly succeed the business needs strong internal competence and that makes Personal Development essential. We are firm advocates & have seen it for ourselves many times that Employee Development is key to sustained business Success & Prosperity.‍

Value for a the Client - The Partnership approach

What we offer in our portfolio are Premium solutions aimed at Business Professionals. Our core focus is to provide real long term value to a client's business. We recognise budgets are challenging & keep our overheads low so we can pass these savings onto the client, the net result is Tremendous Value for the client & Employee. We believe that to differentiate from your competitors you need to invest in your people, building on an Employee's performance which can only be achieved by developing their competence & skills.

Personas - Our Unique Approach

Everything we do focuses primarily on the Persona of the Employee, you have to do this if you want Real Results. We work closely with the Employee, reviewing the individuals needs and building on their strengths. This is the starting point with the client to understand their business objectives & the type of communication challenges they face. Having this personalised approach ensures we deliver outstanding results for the Employee, the client and their business.

Professional Guidance - providing Employee Confidence, Innovation & ultimately Aspiration

In order to be a successful communicator you need two key ingredients, these are 'Guidance' and 'Confidence'. Guidance is process centric and Confidence is about Self Management. We help people build on these two foundations to develop the Gravitas to be Compelling, Inspiring, Interesting, Fun & Effective speakers. Being an awesome communicator is about being able to control & manage an audience, be understood, getting your message across and delivering a Call-2-Action.

Experience in the real world - Unrivalled Best Practice Expertise

There is no substitute for experience! Over the years we have attended many hundreds of events Internationally, presented for tens of thousands of hours in front of all sorts of audiences from Business Professionals & End Users and dealt with our fair share equipment failures & Serial Hecklers! We have the knowledge and expertise only gained from these Extensive Experiences and we know what it takes to be Effective with our Best Practice and Hints & Tips.

Our Transformative Communication Framework - Ambition. Confidence. Control. Context

We are a first & foremost a people company, we care about people and have a real Enthusiasm and Passion for developing people into being the best version of themselves. This is not about training people or consulting. We do not tell people how to behave, we work together with a person and focus on developing their strengths. From this we can give the clients Employee's the core tools that will give a person the edge dealing with any audience scenario from within their own comfort zone so they can perform at their highest level for the client.


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