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Public Speaking Workshops

One of the biggest factors in the success of Personal Development is how Engaging, Personalised and Relevant the material is to a persons job and their Specific Goals & Objectives within their organisation.

In a recent Digital Media research project almost one third of people who are engaged in Personal Development activities said they felt the materials provided to them in their training sessions were not relevant to them, interesting or engaging. We believe if a person cannot feel a connection with what they’re learning, it’s much less likely that they’ll absorb and be able to recall the information later on, for real success you need a personalised approach for the individual.

Delivering a carefully crafted talk can be the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, spreading knowledge, and promoting a shared dream. Ask yourself...if your business does not deliver your key promotional and educational messages with knowledge, enthusiasm and passion then who is going to listen, and really why should they?

Personalised Workshop Delivery Cycle

We believe people are individuals and should be treated as such. We customise and personalise all of our Workshop content for our delegates, their businesses identity and brand. This approach ensures a person can get the best out of themselves and understand in real terms how they can put into practice what they have learnt on the day.

The Workshop structure has a Transformative bias and focuses specifically on increasing a person's core presenting skills by providing scenario based interactive hands-on sessions, these are supported with quizzes and best practice tips, all of which all help aid, reinforce and support the learning process which makes the day fun, motivational & inspiring.

During the Workshop we bring together all aspects of speaking in public, from Planning and Structuring a Presentation, Story Boarding, how Speech and Words are used, the importance of audience Types and Personas, and the interesting world of 'non verbal communications', Gestures, Postures (yours and others!)  and dealing with the dreaded Q&A!

Real Results for your Business

In today's media centric world it can be challenging to get your business heard above the noise in the marketplace and stand out from your competitors, this makes the ability to Communicate Effectively more decisive than ever.

After attending our Workshop delegates will have the Knowledge, Skills, Competence and Resources to be a Confident, Articulate, Authentic, Effective and Professional Public Speaker in any setting regardless of audience size or dynamics. Our unique approach helps individuals to learning go on to ‍‍‍achieve the outcomes their ‍business needs, and become powerful public speakers whom are capable of delivering and leaving a lasting impression in front of any audience.

At the end of the workshop day we provide all our delegates with a personalised development plan, this way individuals can build upon what they have learnt on the day and develop their Public Speaking skill set further.


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"As a team, we have been on a number of courses on public speaking over the years and this is by far the best."

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