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We are firm believers that Communication makes the world go round, it facilitates human connections at all levels and allows us to understand, learn, grow, progress and ultimately develop ourselves. Good Communication leads to better Business Relationships and success, your businesses ability to 'get your message' across is a key part of achieving that.

It's not just about speaking or reading, but understanding what is being said and in some cases what is not being said. This can take many forms, not only speaking but listening, as well as understanding and interpreting body language.

In a recent Forbes survey 42% of people said they would they rather face a physical test, visit the dentist or spend a weekend with the in-laws rather than giving a presentation! Public Speaking can be a daunting and challenging experience for some which can induce anxiety, fear and nervousness, however it doesn't need to be like that.

Learn in a day what Public Speaking Experts learn in a lifetime

We know what it takes to become an awesome presenter having delivered in excess of 2,500 presentations at over 500 events to a combined audience of more than 100,000 people Internationally. We offer a bespoke personalised solution, whatever the requirement we always cutomise our services to the specific needs and desired outcomes of the client.

Our Coaches are Executive level seasoned professionals who help individuals & teams with their Public Speaking, whether that's in meetings with Prospects, Customers, Partners at Seminars, Trade Shows & Events or dealing with Business Analysts & The Press at a briefing. Our mission is to ensure we make a positive difference to our client's success, enhancing and developing their interactions with these audiences and supporting them in their business objectives.

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"Excellent workshop, a valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a good public speaker"

Tony Vickerman, Director @ PK Group

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